Modern information technologies for creating a onsolidated information resource in monetary operations with cryptocurrency

Natalia V Kornilovska, Svetlana V Vyshemyrska, Iryna A Lurie


The purpose of developing a consolidated information resource (CIR) is to combine systematically all available information about the types of cryptocurrency and the places and means of obtaining it. Looking for fresh news about cryptocurrency that appear daily in the Internet. Informing on all available cryptocurrency exchanges in the world and the tools they work with. The purpose of CIR is to inform an inexperienced user about the types of cryptocurrency, means for obtaining and selling it.

In our opinion, the target audience of the created information resource is the Ukrainian-speaking Internet users who are interested in cryptocurrency and operations with it; migrants from our country who are in a different language environment and need information on a simple transfer of currency to their relatives with the help of Blockchan technology; freelancers who fulfill orders for foreign investors and require unrestricted currency transactions.

The expected effect from the introducing a consolidated information resource will be a social component, since the information that will be collected from different sources will contribute to the effective search of the information from the world of cryptocurrency by the interested Ukrainian-speaking audience.

The inputs of the consolidated resource will be the information content obtained from various information sources, namely: third-party WEB-pages devoted to crypto-currency; exchange news, BTC exchange rates in relation to fiat currency or its FORKs, course diagrams, etc.

The output elements of the consolidated information resource will be the actual arrays of information on the updated WEB-pages structured according to the topics: news from the world of cryptocurrencies; the information review on the “Forum” of the site visitors; information on methods and means for obtaining cryptocurrency; information about the existing cryptocurrency exchanges and news from them; information about available fraudulent sites.

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PDF 133-139 (English)


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