Influence of information network infrastructure on the development of the modern economy

Olga Y Kudrina


The issues of the influence of information technologies on the socio-economic processes of the state in the conditions of institutional transformations are examined. The trends for the development of Ukrainian information technology market are investigated. The basic problems and obstacles for the rapid informatization of Ukrainian society are established. The main information technologies that influence an economic development and modern social transformations are considered. The prospects and main directions of the movement of the national information network infrastructure and its integration into the world market are revealed.

The study of the impact of information technologies on the socio-economic processes of the state makes it possible to identify the system of phenomena and problems that are caused by the growth of the dynamics of social processes in the information sphere, the intensification of the use of information resources, the intensification of the processes of globalization of the information sector of the state as a factor of institutional transformation. The information sector of the national economy is of great importance for a modern socio-economic development of the state, especially in the context of building an information society. Solution of a number of problems that hinder the development of this sector will make it possible not only to meet the information needs of society, business entities and various sectors of the economy, but also to increase the competitiveness of the country and strengthen the economic position of Ukraine in the world.

Keywords: information technologies, information network economy, market, network.

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PDF 239-244 (English)


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